Now have our Nails to Screws STC

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What We Do

Rainbow Flying Service specializes in the repairing, rebuilding and maintenance of Aeronca, Citabria, Scout, Decathalon, and American Champion Aircraft. We have a large supply of salvage and surplus parts for these aircraft.  Rainbow Flying Service received Parts Manufactures Approval (PMA) for our new design wing SPAR for the 7, 8 and 11 Series Airplanes. These spars are STC'd and FAA approved. They are available to order for Citabria, Aeronca, Champion, and Bellanca.  Use of this new spar will not preclude the inspection requirements of AD 200 25 02 which presently applies to the Citabrias, Scouts and Decathlons and some Aeroncas. For all of the airplanes with the original spars we strongly recommend an Inspection Hole Kit that we designed. 

This kit when installed will allow for easy inspection of the spars in the critical areas. Two inspection holes are created in the top of each wing with caps that are flush secure and sealable.  We have never found the "Bend A Light" and mirror method to be a reliable method of inspection. The solution to this is to install Rainbow Flying Service's top Inspection Kit that can be installed without fabric replacement or any time that a spar is replaced or wing recovered. This will make subsequent annual spar inspection easy to do.  

We also have a STC and PMA for the fuselage Formers and floorboards. These are made with 5 ply Birch plywood and are water jet cut by computer. They come to you varnished.  

We also carry stringers, and the cabin top (greenhouse) wood.

New STC's

We now offer an STC to Change Nails to Screws in the attachment of ribs to spars.  Want more information?  Contact us!